Friday, January 4, 2013

Let there be... blinkenlight!

This is a short post. I have been playing a little bit in the hardware side. Any serious computer MUST have blinkenlights, so I am adding some to my simh-simulated PDP-11s:

I have to work out the timing and the sampling rate, and I have not finished yet the integration with simh. But it works (somehow), and the lights blink (a litle bit). It is a distributed "blinkenlight server" which gets the data to show via UDP packets, although I plan to develop also a "local" version for instances of the simulator running in the same Ras-Pi. And at this moment, the address of the "server" and the item to use to make the lights move are hardcoded into a simh device. :)

I will publish the code (of both the server and the client side) and the schematics of the electronic part when they are presentable. But I'm very excited with the result and I wanted to share what I have got ;)

Oh, by the way, happy  new year to everyone!

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